photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

He’s looking forward to spring
so that he can bring
his gardening tools out to use
along with potting soil and seeds ready to produce
backyard vegetable garden and flower bed around the patio swing.


Multiple attempts

at flipping an omelet in a pan.

The thrill of succeeding

in flipping it over

without breaking.

My wrist does the magic.

Lesson learned:

Believe you can.

No hesitation.

And just give it a go.

photo by fran hogan on unsplash

how to roll an Egg roll
fold over wrapper firmly with control
not too tight, not too loose
be gentle, don’t abuse
or you’ll have to re-roll.

photo by Alejandro Luengo on unsplash

Everything gets expensive
Even headphones

Everything wireless
Even headphones

Everything needs to be charged
Even headphones

Everything has warranty
Even headphones

photo by Yulian Karadzhov on Unsplash

What a jolly morning!
Keep the presents coming.

What a jolly afternoon!
Taking a bite spoon after spoon.

What a jolly evening!
Going Christmas caroling.

What a jolly night!
Off to bed. Good night, sleep tight.

photo by Lynda Hinton on unsplash

Waking up early on Christmas day

Rushing down the hallway

An empty glass of milk and half-eaten cookies

Christmas stockings filled with goodies

Name tags on wrapped presents

Anything in there would be pleasant.

Grocery Shopping

photo by Eduardo Soares on unsplash

Going through the list

Getting what we missed

Last minute grocery shopping trip

Apple pies and bags of chips

Bottles of sparking grape juice and cans of Sierra Mist

Manylen Bunchean

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