photo by Antenna on Unsplash

advice is just a device
for you to be nice
turning me into dice

being tossed
being turned
being tumbled
being rolled

i’m dizzy
i’m blurred
i’m confused
i’m lost

in a rice field of advice
infected by mice

so green yet so brown
so new yet so old
so fresh yet so rust
so many yet so few

for i don’t know

what’s good?
what’s bad?
for me

what’s to do?
what’s not to do?
on my own

for i am
just the icing
you carefully craft
on your pretty cake

and now i’m becoming
melting ice from the ice
sculpture you carve



Manylen Bunchean

I’m building writing habit. I commit to writing poems daily in 2022, and hope to branch out to writing articles.